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Artwalk Presents is a non-profit organization that creates and produces art and cultural projects in South Miami-Dade communities. Our mission is to utilize the attraction of visual and performing arts to gain community support toward developing local programs and providing Human Resources to residents.


Our organization began with a passion for the arts and a desire to support the community. We recognized the need for art exposure in our local community and wanted to provide opportunities for local artists to showcase their work. Through our efforts, we have been able to create a platform for these artists to gain exposure and recognition.


As we continued to grow, we saw an opportunity to use the arts as a way to raise funds for local programs and schools. We recognized that schools and programs needed additional resources to promote their programs, and we wanted to help. We created events that not only showcased professional artists but also provided a space for schools and programs to promote their own offerings.


ArtWalks Face Painting

Over time, we began to see the impact our events were having on the community. We were able to connect residents to the free resources and programs available year-round, including out-of-school programs, community development, health, and human resources.


Today, our organization continues to expand and evolve. We have created a comprehensive curriculum for our out-of-school programming that includes Social Emotional Learning (SEL), critical thinking, creative thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills. Our approach includes a highly qualified instructor, year-round programming, exposure to various types of art, and a safe, fun, engaging, and entertaining environment.


Through Artwalk Presents, we are creating a brighter future for our community by promoting the arts, supporting local programs and schools, and connecting residents to valuable resources. We are proud of the impact we have made and excited to continue our work toward a better tomorrow.


At Artwalk Presents, our purpose is to utilize the power of art and culture to create a brighter future for South Miami-Dade communities. We aim to promote the arts, support local programs and schools, and connect residents to valuable resources through our events and programming.


Art Exposure: Utilize art as an economic and cultural generator for South Miami-Dade communities, while providing exposure and opportunities to local artists including a digital community artists catalog.

Local Programming: Raise funds for local programs and schools while allowing them an opportunity to promote their programs including but not limited to arts, athletics, STEM, gardening, healthy food education, and other extra-curricular and/or magnet programs.


Create New Programs and Events: Create programs to provide direct services to out-of-school programs in Miami Dade County. Create an intergenerational event to promote community engagement, student involvement, and collaborations.

History Showcase: Annually highlight the historic cultural arts center of that community.


Raise Awareness: Connect residents to the free resources and programs available year-round in their community, including but not limited to out-of-school programs, community development, health, and human resources.

By achieving these objectives, we aim to create a sustainable future for South Miami-Dade communities, where residents have access to valuable resources and opportunities, and the arts and culture thrive.

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